Introducing Rory and a Surprise!

Some of you may be wondering why I chose “Rory, Tea & Me” as the name for my blog.  Well “Tea & Me” is pretty simple to figure out.  That will become more understandable as my blogs go on ~wink~.  I decided the name needed a little more than just Tea & Me so I thought, “what better than having my puppy as a mascot?!”  I actually have two dogs (Rory and Sky) and one cat (Max- that I am allergic to…I love my husband…).  Sky was not chosen because she won’t let me take photos of her.  And well, Max… HAHA!  So winner winner chicken dinner, ya’ll get to enjoy Rory my beautiful miniature Eskimo Spitz.

How did I get a picture of Rory sitting by a tea cup you ask?  Well it took a long walk, food, the moment before she took a nap, AND loud noises for her to look at the camera.  I consider this photo a win.

I am really excited to announce that I am planning to grow my own tea and plants this summer!  So I will blend my own teas through trial and error.  Ya’ll will get to read about my failures and successes; what works and doesn’t.  Currently waiting to be planted is Lavender.  On it’s way to my house is a tea plant, mint, basil, chamomile, marjoram, and viola Johnny-Jump Up.  Let’s just hope these plants grow.  Wish me luck!

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