Blueberry & Pomegranate Red Tea

Hey Everyone! I’ve tried out my first tea with the dried blueberries. I thought the blueberries might taste good in a red tea with pomegranates:

1 tsp red tea

1 tsp dried blueberry

1 tsp dried pomegranate

I decided to cut the blueberries in half in hopes of getting the flavor to come out. The brewed tea looks like this:

My thoughts: There’s flavor…I know it has to be there! It doesn’t taste like straight red tea but I can’t nail down the blueberry or pomegranate flavors. Seems it doesn’t matter how much dried fruit I put in the tea mixture, I don’t get a strong fruit flavor in my tea. I am worried I’ll have to start putting natural fruit flavoring in my tea, or rehydrate the dried fruit in order to get more flavor. Hmmm…

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