Blueberry Vanilla Green Tea

Back to the drawing board with my dried blueberries! I just knew this one would work out! Blueberries and vanilla. What could be better?! Or at least I was confident more flavor would come out in this tea then the other ones I’ve tested out.

1/2 tsp green tea

1 1/2 tsp dried blueberry (cut in half)

1/8 vanilla extract

I put less tea leaves in this tea experiment with more blueberries, in attempts for the fruit flavor to come out more than the tea flavor. I realized my little bit of vanilla extract really came out, so I will only use a drop or two next time. For the most part this was quite yummy. Blueberry flavor did come out. I did see blue liquid coming from the tea strainer. But as always, I wish I knew how to make the blueberry flavor come out more.

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