Afternoon Tea Bus Tour- London

As I’m patiently twiddling my thumbs waiting for my son to arrive, I decided to look through some photos and realized I have not written about my London trip in November 2018 yet. Inconceivable!

My co-worker and I went on an Afternoon Tea Bus Tour of London through B Bridget Bakery ( and loved it!

Its the perfect mixture of seeing London on a tight schedule and having afternoon tea. You stay on the bus the entire time (no bathrooms) with a tour that lasts about an hour and a half. The bus has an automated recording of points of interest information to listen to as you are driving by different sites.

There are a couple of staff members who provide you with your afternoon tea food, desserts, scones and drinks. Everything was a lot more fresh than I expected and definitely tasty. The scones and tea were warm as well.

We were also able to order Champagne in advance to add to the wonderful occasion. Overall, I would suggest taking this bus tour if you are limited on time and you also want a good afternoon tea.


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