12.23.2019: Countdown to Christmas – 2

Woooo buddy! We’re so close to Christmas! If you’re anything like me you are in full Christmas mode! Our Christmas festivities started on Saturday and don’t end until later this week. I love it!

To calm down from all the Christmas fun I’ve tried Yogi’s Soothing Caramel Bedtime tea given to me by my cousin. There’s too many flavors to list, but I can tell you it tastes smooth, warm and caramely (totally a word 😊).

The small Santa’s and tea cup/pitcher in the photo was my Grandma’s. She loved and collected Santa’s. I am thankful for the memories we shared and love the ones that are being made every Christmas. This year I get to make my first Christmas memory with this little goober…

Have fun with all the memories you are making this Christmas ♥️

1 thought on “12.23.2019: Countdown to Christmas – 2

  1. Erica, Good one of the Goober! I enjoyed your tone throughout. Carry on. Grandpa Jim


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