12.25.2019: Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas Everyone!! Today is my last Advent tea entry. I hope you’ve had as much fun as me these last 25 days!!

Today’s Chai tea and tea cup was given to me as gifts from my best friend. This Two’s Company Lily of the Valley set is one of my favorite (and most fragile) tea cup and saucer sets.

The Chai tea she got me from Uncommon Goods is so much fun! It has 12 tea ingredients for you to mix your own tea. It has been fun to guess what and how much will taste good together. I like what I made but think a little more cinnamon will be better next time 😉

Of course I’ve gotta end this year’s Advent tea calendar with a picture with my baby boy. It’s his first Christmas and I can’t wait to share it with him and my family. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas with those you love. Also take a moment to remember Jesus’s birth on this beautiful Christmas day ❤

1 thought on “12.25.2019: Merry Christmas!!!

  1. Good morning, Erica. Merry Christmas to you, Matt and Grady. This last idea of blending your own tea leaves and flavors is intriguing. n the picture with this final post, Grady reminds me a bit of Matt. Good job … in so many ways. Love, Grandpa Jim


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