Tea Variety and Sampler packs

My original plan for this summer was to go to multiple tea rooms in the area and tell y’all about them. COVID-19 game changer! Instead I’ve ordered a few tea variety packs and samplers from companies I’ve never tried before (surprise husband 😉).

Tea samplers are a wonderful way for you to taste test new teas from a company you haven’t used before. The set pictured above is from Sips By, which I’ve received emails from but never ordered. Their samplers usually only have 4 different teas, but I got an email last week that they’re offering a discounted sampler with 12 different teas. They call this a special relief sampler to help cheer ya up. It was a surprise to which teas I’d receive. But I could choose loose leaf, bags, caffeine vs. no caffeine or a mix of all those things, which is what I did.

Even more fun when I received the sampler was to see all the different tea companies I get to try these new teas from. I’m going to have a grand time with these new delights. If you’re bored and ready to try new teas from a company you’ve never used, I highly recommend buying a variety pack or sampler set to help find a new favorite.

So stay in and be tea-venturous 😁

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