Assam Tea

Hey Y’all! I am learning so much about different teas during my quarinTEAne Tea-ventures (okay I’ll stop 😂). Today’s focus is Assam Tea.

Assam tea comes from Assam, India and is typically processed as black tea. Only occasionally is it green or white tea. Due to the tropical climate this Camellia sinensis plant is grown in, it is known for its body, briskness, malty flavour, and strong, bright color. Often you will find pure or blended Assam black tea in breakfast teas, such as English or Irish breakfast tea.

This Harney and Sons Assam tea does taste a lot like English Breakfast tea. The taste is not as smooth as Ceylon, but still not bitter when steeped correctly. It’s a medium bodied black tea with flavors of honey and light malt. Like breakfast teas, it would taste perfect with some milk.

Have a great rainy day everyone!

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