Rooibos Tea

Continuing my journey of tasting and learning about the base tea used, today I bring you Rooibos tea. Pronounced Roy-bows.

Rooibos grows in South Africa and is also known as bush tea, red tea or redbush tea. The leaves are used to make a caffeine free herbal tea and is an earthy flavor. So earthy, in fact, that I have a hard time drinking it straight without other flavors added.

Today I had My Red Tea’s Organic Rooibos with Thistle honey. Actually turned out delicious! It’s recommended you add honey, lemon or milk to plain Rooibos tea. I’ve tried to blend Rooibos and drink tea company’s Rooibos without liking very many of them. The ones I tend to enjoy are able to knock out the bitter earthy flavor. This usually happens through added aroma or flavorings, in addition to spices or flowers added to the Rooibos.

Happy tea-ventures!!

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