Berry Creme Compote Tea

Good Saturday Morning Everyone! As I sit here making poor life choices (such as eating pizza with a berry tea for breakfast), I can’t help but think how you are doing. I hope you are all well!

For starters, I hope you like my new mug! I painted it in February with my son when he was 3 months old. I instantly fell in love with it.

Today I’m trying Berry Creme Compote tea from Adagio Tea’s. Outside of not pairing with pizza, it’s pretty good after you add a little sugar. Before sugar, the blueberry flavor was potent, cancelling out the rest of the flavors. With sugar, you get an even taste of Hibiscus, apple, blue cornflower, creme, blueberries and strawberries. It’s not my favorite tea from Adagio teas, but I still love the large selection Adagio has available and would encourage you to visit their website. I truly think they have a tea to match everyone’s delights.

Happy Tea-ventures!

2 thoughts on “Berry Creme Compote Tea

  1. Tried this a little while back for a review and honestly loved it! My favourite way to have this is definitely iced

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    1. I’ll have to try it that way next time!! Thanks!

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