Blackberry Sage Tea

Hello everyone! It’s November! You know what that means?! Less than a month until I start my Countdown to Christmas blogs! I’ve done a tea themed Countdown to Christmas for a few years now. In the past it started as a different tea and tea cup each day. Then I tried family and friends favorite teas. This year will be just as fun! For 25 days you will get to see a few of my favorite tea dessert recipes.

But for now, I want to tell you about The Republic of Teas Blackberry Sage black tea.

Side note, I love my new tea cup! I painted it and my son added his foot and handprints.

I’ve been wanting to try this Blackberry Sage for a while and finally got around to it! (House is sold! Moving is done!…. for now) Anywho, I love the smell of this tea. At first I really enjoyed the flavor too. However, as expected with an infant, the tea gets cold after a half hour of chasing him. At that point, the flavor of the tea changed and did not taste as good. It acquired a less enjoyable after taste.

So if you can drink this tea while it’s hot, it’s tasty. If not, maybe find a more forgiving tea 😉

Happy Tea-ventures!

1 thought on “Blackberry Sage Tea

  1. Sounds like a really unique combo! I bet its tasty though

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