Tea Bombs: Fad or fun?

Over the last few years “bombs” have become popular. Bath bombs. Hot chocolate bombs. And yes, now there are tea bombs.

I decided to go onto Etsy and buy a single bomb. The shop I got it from allowed me to choose my flavor and the color of my bomb. I decided to go all peach.

It arrived with many layers of protection. Every etsy shop I visited had a disclaimer saying they can’t guarantee it will arrive in one piece but they do heavy packing and it can be replaced if you send a photo immediately of the damage.

Mine looked great! Though that flower on top had many broken pedals in the box.

I boiled water (even though herbal tea shouldn’t be at boiling point) and added it to the cup with the bomb.

Look how fun!

However, the sugar based casing took about 20-30 minutes to dissolve in the tea. So you shouldn’t drink the tea until it’s melted. I was very worried I would need to scrap it off the bottom of my cup.

As you can see, the outside flower is now floating around the tea. I scooped that out and after about 30 minutes I finally started drinking the tea. Because the casing is sugar based, the tea is entirely too sweet. At least I chose peach tea which works well with sugar. Also, I used a large mug to test out the bomb. It may have been better to make it in a large tea pot (one you don’t mind being ruined if the casing decides not to melt) .

For me, tea bombs may be more of a fad. It’s fun seeing it made once, but to make the bomb you need a sweet casing and most people don’t use that much sweetner in their tea.

To each their own! Kids would have fun with it! Happy Tea-ventures!

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