Teas of the Boston Tea Party

For Christmas my bestie bought me Oliver Pluff & Co’s “Teas of the Boston Tea Party”. If you remember, I wrote a blog in June 2019 about my visit to Abigail’s Tea Room in Boston, MA. This gift set allows me to share that experience with everyone at home.

I was very excited to share this tea with my best friend today at our current dwelling. Trying to stay safe, during the pandemic, while taste testing was a fun obstacle. We took sips of tea and quickly put our masks back on. Oh well! Still fun!

Among our least favorite teas were the Colonial Bohea and Lapsang Souchong. Both smoky black teas, which I can’t say I’m too upset the colonists threw over 250 chests and lost them all to Davy Jones Locker.

The Singlo green tea was a bit better but basically bitter. We didn’t sip on that one too long either. 60 chests of this tea were lost during the Boston Tea Party. But the interesting fact about this tea is that it was to debut in the colonies with this shipment. #Fail

The best of the 5 teas were the Congou black tea and Young Hyson green tea. Both were sweeter teas that can be drank without milk or sweetener. I could say I’m upset 30 chests of these two teas were lost.

…And those are the 5 teas that flavored the waters of the Boston Harbor. Huzzah!

The best part of this experience was enjoying the company of my bestie and our kids having a play date… with the kitty of course.

Happy Tea-ventures šŸ˜Š

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