Ice Wine Black Tea

Howdy Everyone! Today I’ve tried Ice Wine Black Tea from Teas by Milly. A friend of mine picked this up from Buffalo and gave me some to try.

I’m so glad she did! It’s nothing like I’ve ever tried before and I’ll admit I’m having difficultly describing it. So I’ll start with what it is.

Ice wine tea is made from grapes that fully ripen and then freeze before they are picked to make ice wine. Through this process the flavor becomes richer and sweeter than regular wines. Now before you get excited, ice wine tea is not alcoholic. The frozen grapes are infused with black tea to make this delightful drink. Not only is it good, the after taste leaves your tongue doing the happy dance.

Sweet, delicious, and unique, this tea is great as a warm and cold beverage.

Happy Tea-ventures!

P.S. We got chickens and goats 😂

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