The day that ended with Panera Bread

Alright, here’s the story:

My son and I head out to his appointment on a dreary July morning. He gets a nap in ahead of time, super win. We get to the docs office and he’s in a great mood. But the longer we’re there the more the shyness fades. One hour in the waiting room has him playing peekaboo with any lady in sight. At an hour and a half we finally go back to an exam room where this begins to happen…

Close to 2 hours, he’s beginning to learn how to open the door and carry out his escape plan. Finally, we go for an x-ray where he decides it’s time to alert the building that he’s being tortured (honestly we were just attempting to hold his legs still for the x-ray). We see the doc, all is well and he blows kisses to all the employees as we leave.

Momma needs a pick me up.

So we see a Panera Bread and I decide it’s time for our first Mommy/ son date. We go inside, he gets loose, and almost knocks over a woman with a cane. Oy.

I take our food out to the car. After we eat our delicious Asiago bagel, I realize that suddenly the car’s trunk is popped, so is my gas lid, my high beams are on and something else happened that I didn’t quite pay attention to. Maybe he fixed it back 🤞

He fell asleep on the way home and then stayed asleep for 3 WHOLE HOURS! This is so rare that I read a book while drinking Adagio’s Berry Compote Tea and eating Panera’s raspberry orange muffin. Sometimes I forget how amazing Panera’s bakery is. My husband loved the blueberry muffin I got him too.

So is there a point to this story? Yes, kids can be something else and sometimes you need a spontaneous treat for yourself.

This surely ended up being an adventure…

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