Twisted Teahouse: Savage, MD

Located in a small indoor shopping building in Savage, Maryland is Twisted Teahouse. During the week, they are opened to sell baked goods and bottled drinks, but are not permitted to sell open cups of tea. You can eat your goodies at one of the tables in the shop but can’t get a really good tea experience. For that you have to sign up for one of their public weekend events.

My friend and I have looked into going for months now, but it’s hard to save a date to go when they only post their events the month of and sometimes the week of the event. They have 5 small tables for events, so the tickets sell out quickly. We finally managed to book reservations for their 3rd annual Black Hat event.

I look like a bandit in this photo 😅

This was different than your regular Afternoon Tea in a tea room. The owner considered the Black Hat event as a “tea experience” and spoke to the group at large multiple times.

I really enjoyed the fact that they set up the beginning as a tea tasting. They allowed us to try 5 different teas by filling our tea cups enough for about 3-5 sips. However, I was very surprised that they did not allow us to keep a teapot at our table when we were eating. They provided blueberry cucumber water (which I can’t have much of) and occasionally poured us more tea, but they filled our cups less than half way. With all the sweets we were eating, I was very disappointed with how thirsty I stayed while at this event.

The teapot was a lie, they took it away from our table

After the tea tasting was done, they brought out the fall themed food. Everything was delicious! I really enjoyed the pumpkin chicken salad with celery sandwich, and literally all the sweets. 5 of the 7 sweets were pumpkin based and they were all great. I was also happy they threw a couple pieces of fruit on there. It helped break up eating so many sweets.

At the end, the owner played a question game with us and the winner of each question won a flavored honey stick.

Twisted Teahouse was originally in Baltimore, MD and recently moved to Savage, MD. I think they are still figuring out their business and the services they want to provide. Over time, they have the potential to be a great Teahouse option.

We had a great time catching up and it was a fine tea experience. My biggest grumble is not having teapots of our own to drink from and there were no scones. I mean, how can we say we went to a Teahouse if there isn’t any scones?!

I really am happy we were able to go. It definitely taught me a different way of hosting tea and it was kind of fun being surprised that we were not getting a traditional afternoon tea experience.

Here’s to another (mostly) happy Tea-venture 😊

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