I Accept Tea Suggestions!

Dear Reader,

Today I want to hear from you. Yes you!

You get the easy job of reading which teas I have tried and tea places I have gone to. But today, I want to know about your favorite experiences!


Tell me your favorite tea room/ tea house/ tea experience to go to. Details, location and photos are welcome!

I’m on the look out for tea places that are always open and one off events that host tea. (For example, there’s a lavender festival held once a year that has afternoon tea, but I haven’t snagged a spot there yet)

I’m open to crazy adventures..

…. and laid back ones.

It’s Rory!

No matter where in the world it is, I want to hear about your favorite teas to buy and favorite tea places to go.

So here it is… cheers to your tea-ventures!

2 thoughts on “I Accept Tea Suggestions!

  1. 2 cups or earl grey tea at the Plaza hotel in NY cost $100. No lie that’s my tea story.

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    1. Was it amazing? Did you get any food with it?


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