Kauai, Hawaii: Island Craves Kauai

Alright, I know, you’ve been waiting for it. You’ve been thinking “Sure Erica, it’s great to learn about your travels. But what about tea?!”

Island Craves Kauai

Well here it is! We were sitting in traffic in Kapa’a on Kuhio Highway heading to our next destination and my travel buddy needed a pick me up. So we stopped in Island Craves Kauai, which is a fairly new coffee shop that’s opened.

When walking in, there was a very crisp, clean feel to the bakery.

We didn’t try the donuts, but they looked delicious. My travel buddy had her mouth watering over the maple bacon donut in particular.

I have been meaning to try Boba Tea for quite a while. So I finally did. I tasted the milk black Boba tea (without the tapioca) and the flavor tasted good. However, I decided, when in Hawaii buy something fruity. I had them mix strawberry and passion fruit to make a Boba Refresher drink.

Well what is Boba Tea? Boba (also known as Bubble) tea was originally created in Taiwan in the 1980s. It usually is a tea- based drink which has chewy tapioca balls sitting on the bottom. My husband said that sounds horrible, but the tapioca balls tend to take on the flavor of your drink. So mine personally took on the strawberry passion fruit flavor.

I did really enjoy my Boba Refresher, but I can’t say I fully enjoyed sucking through a giant straw and having little squishy balls jump into my mouth. My travel buddy insists that she felt the same way when she first tried it, but now loves Boba tea. Ah well. We shall see. Mahalo, I hope you try something new soon.

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