Bella’s Tea Room: Havre De Grace, MD

Happy 4th of July and today’s “Travel to Tea”! This month my bestie and I enjoyed Bella’s Tea Room in Havre de Grace, Maryland. This city is situated along the Susquehanna River and head of the Chesapeake Bay. The tea room is on the edge of the city near other shops; giving it a nice walkable small town vibe.

Pink Room 1

When walking into the tea room, only one thing popped out to me. PINK! Pink in almost every shade you could think of.

Pink Room 2

Since we were one of the first people there, I switched my tea cup to a less pink color tone and began relaxing with a delicious Jasmine green tea. While I was there, I thought their tea selection was rather small, but it turns out they had seventeen options. I’m not sure which company the tea is from but my friend enjoyed her Berry Blues herbal tea.

We both ordered “Bella’s High Tea” which was only about $23 per person. It came with the pot of unlimited tea, a cheddar broccoli soup, four tea sandwiches each, four assorted sweets, a couple of strawberries and a big fresh warm scone with whipped cream and lemon curd.

We filled up fast! I had to take home my scone and some desserts because I was going to bust! It was a lovely atmosphere, the food and tea were alright (sandwiches a bit bland), scone was deliciously warm, and they had a small shop to browse.

The best part was catching up with this wonderful lady…who also docked tea points from me. I forgot to pack a dress to wear to tea and she brought two. Crisis averted! At least I remembered my hat! Though I may not travel that far for this tea room again, it was definitely a happy Tea-venture.

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