#17: Positively October 2022

#17: Take a small step towards a positive change you want to see in society.

My change has been more environmentally friendly. I try to recycle what I can. I’ve bought reusable napkins to lessen the use of paper towels. Changed to using washing sheets, so I don’t have detergent bottles. And I have hand soap where I just buy tablets which create foam soap in a reusable bottle.

3 thoughts on “#17: Positively October 2022

  1. Same! It really does make a difference! And if you are willing to take it one step more, lose the plastic trash bags 🙂 get a trash can liner instead. It’s probably the one thing people have the hardest time switching to but also important because plastic takes forever to degrade.

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  2. Thought of one more thing! Well.. I mean there’s always tons more we can do to help the environment but what do you use for cleaning right now? Force of Nature is a great cleaner that eliminates a ton of plastic waste. I just noticed that they had a sale going on today so I figured I’d send a link for those interested.

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