Amsterdam, Holland: 17 Days to Christmas 2022

Woah Buddy! 17 days until Christmas! Today we travel to Amsterdam, Holland. We had a fantastic time exploring the city and being completely cheesy…

Too cheesy

In fact… the tourist factor was a bit high…

Too high

But in all seriousness, we arrived shortly after Christmas and were able to see the beautiful decorations around the city.

We also were able to tour the house Anne Frank and her family hid in during the Holocaust; with tickets reserved in advance. But the best part of the trip was seeing an old family friend.

She provided us with a place to stay, food to eat and great company. She also gave us tea from the Art of Tea that was delicious. At a tea shop near the Anne Frank House, I bought the Miracle of Amsterdam black tea with orange peel, marigold, jasmine and lavender.

It seems like a strange mix of flavors to me with an over powering bitter orange and a floral taste. Still enjoyable to drink with a little sugar and is also a great Tea-venture.

This awesome dude loves helping us with wood for our fireplace.

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