Montserrat, Spain: 15 Days to Christmas 2022

Happy Saturday and 15 days until Christmas!

For today’s travel to tea adventure, we’re heading back to Spain! Specifically the mountains of Montserrat, which is home to the Benedictine abbey, Santa Maria de Montserrat.

I truly felt like we stepped into a majestic world. The views were gorgeous and the bells ringing off the mountain tops were an experience I can’t even do justice describing.

Visiting the site and abbey was such a relaxing and inspiring moment that I also spent a lot of time and money in the gift stores. I tried to purchase goods made by the Benedictine monks who practice at the abbey. Meaning I mainly bought chocolate and tea.

The tea I chose was Te Vermell Pu Erh Terra De Montserrat. The Pu Erh red is grown and processed by the monks in the Montserrat mountains (or at least that’s what I remember being told). It has a delicious flavor of cinnamon, lemon peels and added aroma. Truly a flavor I haven’t tried elsewhere.

Being goofy at 25 months

Thanks for stepping into today’s adventure. Have a wonderful Saturday!

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