Sorrento, Italy: 7 Days to Christmas 2022

Yippee! 7 days until Christmas!

On our honeymoon, our cruise stopped at Salerno and Sorrento, Italy. We took a tour to Pompeii in Naples because my husband and I became best friends through our high school Latin class. Which focused a lot on Mt. Vesuvius and it’s eruption in 79 AD.

We walked around the old city enjoying the old market streets and archeological sites found in the past century.

We also had the chance to try locally made Limoncello and mozzarella cheese close to Sorrento.

Along the way, our view of Sorrento was gorgeous and we had time to walk around the Port town before getting back on the ship. Shopping here was a big souvenir win for me because their were local handmade goodies to purchase.

Hand painted tile we bought

Overall, we loved touring Pompeii and trying locally made food and drinks. Next time we go, Herculaneum is on the list!

Our tea today is actually from Dammann Frères in France, but highlights the citrus fruit “bergamot” grown in the Calabria region of Italy. Bergamot is used around the world for scents and tea; particularly Earl Grey. So here it is, Earl Grey Vert Calabria. A green tea with the citrus flavor of bergamot oil.

I will say this is my first experience with an Earl Grey green tea, instead of black tea, and I really love it. The Calabria bergamot pairs perfect with the green tea; making a crisp fruit flavor without any bitterness.

Looking a bit too much like a big boy, if I do say so

Have a fantastic week leading up to Christmas 😊

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