Indian Head Boardwalk: Indian Head, MD

At the end of Riverwatch Drive, you’ll think you are being a creeper and driving through a neighborhood. And you would be correct. However, tucked in the back of the neighborhood are about 6 parking spots next to the entrance of the Indian Head Boardwalk.

This boardwalk stands high on top of a 10-acre wooded area owned by the Town of Indian Head.

Half of the boardwalk goes along the Potomac River, where you have a nice view of the coast and can see Virginia on the other side.

The boardwalk is about 2,400 feet; equaling about a half mile. So round trip you should get about a mile of walking in. Important note: there are no exits off the boardwalk once you are on it. There’s one way on, then off.

It was a very lovely, beautiful, and relaxing walk. After your visit, you can head to Clarity Coffee House. Of course they have coffee, but they also have a delicious mulled hot cider and yummy Chai tea latte. Happy adventures!

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