Gilbert Run Park: Charlotte Hall, MD

Nestled in 60 acres of land in Charlotte Hall, Maryland is Gilbert Run Park. Of course, these photos look a bit dreary because the trees are bare in the winter.

Wait until spring is in full bloom and you’ll see this park is a gem that has many things to attract any family.

There’s paddle boating, kayaking, and fishing. I noticed an open field where families were playing soccer. Pavilions for picnics. In the summer, there is a concession stand to buy drinks and snacks from.

Available all year is a few nice playgrounds, a small zip line, a beach volleyball court, and a trail to hike.

Wildlife does exist…but don’t get too close.

There is so much exploring that can happen along the 2 mile trail that loops around the lake. One side of the lake’s trail is well traveled and flat. The other side has hills and tree roots you need to navigate over.

If you have pets or little ones that take their time, don’t forget the water and snacks!

About a 2 mile drive from Gilbert Run Park is Cooksey’s Country Store. It is a country store, so do not expect any seating. Just a nice corner store that offers local Amish baked goods, local meats, seasonal produce, jams, jellies, pickles and carry out food.

My dad’s favorite is the Amish yeast rolls. My son enjoyed his big cheeseburger (which reminded me of Roy Roger’s). My husband decided his was a plain chicken salad that could use some extra flavors. We both agreed that we really like the potato wedges (may possibly be a little better than Royal Farms). I enjoyed the crab cake sandwich and do have to admit it was rather tasty.

So get out and run around Gilbert Run Park and get some tasty food from Cooksey’s Country Store to picnic with at the park or take home to enjoy.

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