Sugarplums and Tea: Lancaster, PA

Third time’s a charm! Finally, after two cancelled tea dates this year, I was able to make it to this one.

Tea pots hanging from a tree

Tucked at the end of a neighborhood in Lancaster, PA is Sugarplums and Tea. This would be a great location for an outdoor tea time on a lovely weather day. Very calming in a beautiful location.

When walking in, you will see a bakery on one side and goodies to buy on the other.

There are two tea rooms to sit in. One that is surrounded by windows in what feels like a sun room. The other has a large window and shelves with displays on them.

My son got a Raspberry Mint tea that he really liked. And I won’t lie. Every time he picked up that tea cup, I held my breath.

He really did a great job with it. It’s almost like I’ve been teaching him how to hold a tea cup for three years!

Across the street from the tea room

I got the Peach Mango tea, which is extremely delicious, and my husband got the Green Tea Tropical.

Mmmmm, the food was so good! I ordered the “Courtyard Tea”. It comes with either a soup or fruit cup, scone, four savories, three sweets, and a pot of tea. The hubby got “Trio of Savories,” which allowed him to choose three of my four savories with a garden salad and pot of tea. My son’s kids’ meal surprisingly came out with more filling food such as a grilled cheese, hamburger, chicken tenders, and cheese quesadilla. Definitely worth the price for that one!

We really had a lovely time while we enjoyed all the food and tea. I’d say if you are in the Lancaster area, it is worth a visit.

Until next time! Happy Tea-ventures

1 thought on “Sugarplums and Tea: Lancaster, PA

  1. Paula K. Gerke May 10, 2023 — 9:05 pm

    This sounds charming.

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