Tea Failure in College

When I was in college, I packed 5 history classes into one semester.  I quickly learned that was a mistake.  It actually was my favorite semester because I was interested in every single class.  But history classes mean papers, stacks of books to read on my desk, and loss of sleep…which leads to caffeine.  My friends quickly banned me from having coffee.  I basically acted like Tigger bouncing off the walls after one cup of coffee.  I also looked as happy as Tigger does in this picture.

So I had to find an alternative, which ended up being Coke and Dr. Pepper. 

I tried diving into tea during college but it didn’t work out.  I don’t know what your stores normally carry in your local grocery, but where I live you can always find a nice variety pack from Celestial Seasonings.  They have Herbal and fruit variety packs that I did not enjoy.  Chamomile and Sleepytime was definitely not needed (though someone recently told me the Sleepytime really works by putting you to sleep.  So if that’s your goal, go for it!) Someone also told me they like Orange Zinger and Lemon Zinger, but I associate Lemon Zinger with helping sore throats.  I could not handle the Raspberry or Wild berry Zingers since they didn’t taste anything like I expected and were bitter.  What really threw me off of Celestial Seasonings was the Cinnamon Apple Spice tea I was so excited to try. Not that it was terrible.  I was just expecting greatness that I didn’t receive.  Keep in mind this is how my taste buds reacted and not everyone enjoys the same things.  One day I may get around to trying out Celestial Seasonings again, but in the mean time tell me if you have any favorites that you think I should give a try!

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