Virginia Tea Room

Happy Valentines day! What better way to celebrate Valentines than to read a blog about a tea room? Okay, maybe you can think of better things to do. But no matter! I want to tell you about Crest Hill Antiques & Tea Room. If you live anywhere near The Plains, VA make sure you take a friend or loved one and reserve a date to go to this tea room. I went before July 2018, when they were in a different building, but my friend has gone since they’ve moved and says the experience was just as great.

What I really liked about this tea room was how you get to select your tea. Usually you read your tea selection on a menu. It lists out all the flavors and you take an educated guess on which one you think you will like. At Crest Hill they bring out a sample platter full of teas and you get to smell every tea option.

SMELL YOUR TEA OPTIONS! BRILLIANT!! What better way to choose than to follow your nose!

The food is delicious too. Just look at this fruit, dessert and scone tray. I could live off of this!

On this Valentines, I want us all to remember those special family and friends in our lives. The memories we share with them and how extremely goofy moments can brighten our day…

Have a great Valentines everyone 🙂

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