Tea “Across the Pond”

This is just like it sounds. In 2017, my husband let us go to England (across the pond)!! “Let us”? Yep! I had to convince him. And it paid off! It was a great vacation and for two weeks I got to bask in the queens footsteps (we visited Buckingham Palace). We didn’t have as much tea as we should have. It was hard! We had so much to see and do that we didn’t have time to sit down for a spot of tea every day. If you go to London you must go to the Tower of London and take a warden tour (the tour part is imperative).

You also have to see Tower Bridge and Big Ben and…well this list goes on and on. Most importantly, you have to sit down for afternoon tea somewhere. My husband and I got desperate for some food while we were at the British Museum, which landed us a surprisingly delicious afternoon tea.

My husband loved the sandwiches and I loved the scones with clotted creme and jelly. Not a bad set up when exploring in a museum.

We also spent two days in Bath, England. If you go to Bath you have to reserve a tea date at the Pump Room. It is directly beside the Roman Baths and is such an enchanting experience. The atmosphere was lovely.

In addition to the Pump Room being beautiful, there was a pianist playing classical music to add to the relaxing experience. Their menu was larger than I anticipated. We went with tea and the traditional sandwich, scones, dessert plate and got a side of bread with different types of spreads. All of it was delicious and a highlight of our trip. I could talk about this trip for a looooong time. But I will try to cut myself off and suggest you go to the Thermae Bath Spa, the Harry Potter/ Warner Brothers Studio, Cahoots, Churchill War Rooms, Hyde Park…(imagine I’m still talking…)

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