Teas with Apple Infused Grape Juice

Okay yes, of course! This is completely an experimental blog post. Did I succeed? Eh…Did I fail? No I wouldn’t say that. I’ve tried to make two slightly different teas using the dried apples that I infused with the grape juice. I will admit for both of them that the grape juice flavor was close to -if not non-existent in these teas. In fact, I even had an issue with the apple flavor coming out. I know it was there, but the apple just isn’t strong.

The first attempt: A pot of Green tea (2 tsp) with apple infused grape juice (2 tsp) and marjoram (1/8 tsp).

This tea needed to seep in the hot water for about 15 minutes before the liquid got to a color other than clear water. It mainly tasted like green tea, so I definitely needed more flavor mixed in with it.

Test 2: A cup of red tea (1/4 tsp) with apple infused grape juice (1 1/2 tsp) and marjoram (1/8 tsp). I want to make sure you see how little marjoram I put in there. The measure is 1/4 tsp that its sitting in:

Why that little? Am I scared? Truthfully, yeah. With my food allergies, I’m trying out these different flavors to throw in teas. I don’t want to overdo it, so I’m cautiously adding more and more new flavors to my teas. But here is what this red tea looks like:

I upped the apple infused grape and only put a small amount of red tea and marjoram in. I did like the flavor that came out. But again, I’ll admit that I am not tasting much apple/ grape juice when I brew the tea. Oh well, to the next experiment!!…

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