Loose Leaf and Tea Infusers

Today is my Mommy’s birthday; Happy birthday Mom! So naturally I am going to reflect on a recent text I received from her. Her text had the below photo that said someone had recently given her a mug with a tea infuser in it and some tea. She wanted me to teach her how to use it.

That got me thinking. Some people may not know how to use a tea infuser. Here’s a quick tutorial:

First, If you have tea bags (as shown in this photo with Twinings) you will not need to use the tea infuser (unless you really want to). The tea is already contained in a tea bag and there should be no- to little issue with the tea leaves coming out of the bag.

Now to the tea infuser. There are many types of infusers, but the main are an open infuser like the one pictured below:

And a closed tea infuser:

Tea infusers are best used for loose leaf teas. All you need to do is put 1-2 teaspoons of loose leaf tea into the tea infuser. The amount is based on how many cups of tea you would like to have. If you only want 1 or 2 cups of tea, only use about 1 teaspoon. If you would like more cups then add another teaspoon. Place the tea infuser in (or on top of) your tea cup, then poor the hot water into your teacup. Let it seep for 3-5 minutes and take the infuser out to enjoy your delicious cup of tea.

Simple as that!

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  1. Nice tutorial!

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