“Here’s Lookin’…” ~Morocco

In January my husband and I took a trip that included stopping in Casablanca, Morocco with a side trip to Rabat. It was a really exciting stop and the first time I have been in Africa. At sunrise we managed to see the Hassan II Mosque which was absolutely stunning. Below is a walkway around the mosque. The architecture was beautiful!

We managed to see a Phonetician archaeological village, the Palace in Rabat, and had lunch at the Dr. Dar Rbatia restaurant. This was a traditional Moroccan lunch in a refurbished house.

The atmosphere was fantastic and my husband said the food was great. I was only able to have the fruit and warm tea. I have no idea what kind of tea it was, but my guess was a warm green tea with delicious honey or some form of sweetener. It was a refreshing stop in the middle of the day.

Afterwards we tried out our negotiation skills in a Moroccan store. All the rumors are true, Moroccan sellers are pushy. If they see your eyes go towards any item they sell they will not leave you alone until you practically run away. I did manage to get a brass and camel bone pitcher for a lower price to act as my commemorative Moroccan piece for my house.

Our final stop was to remember the classic movie “Casablanca” by visiting the Rick’s Cafe replica. “Here’s Lookin’ at You Kid” ~wink~

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