Drying Strawberries

Hey Everyone! I’ve been slacking on my posts. Whoops! But I have done a couple of experiments in the mean time. The first being drying strawberries. The first step is cleaning then drying your strawberries (use the ripe/good looking strawberries to have a yummier taste).

Next, cut off the leaves from the top and cut off any bad looking spots. Cut the strawberries into quarters (unless it’s bigger, then cut it more). Space the strawberries so they don’t touch on the pan.

Cook on 200 degrees for about 5-6 hours, flipping half way through. Let stand for 20 minutes. Place dried strawberries in a jar to condition for one week, shaking the jar occasionally. If you see condensation they are not completely dry and need to go back in the oven. Once you know the strawberries are completely dry place them in an airtight container.

Wahla! You did it!

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