London’s Salt Spa

Over the weekend my coworker and I were at a conference in Lynchburg, VA. To make it more enjoyable we looked for fun things to do in the area. One of those things was relaxing in London’s Salt Spa. I had no idea Himalayan salt spas exist but it was a pleasant experience. The room was covered in pink Himalayan salt and looked like this:

There were small grains of salt on the ground and large pieces that made up the wall. Breathing in the Himalayan salt has great health benefits. For me in particular, I could tell my sinuses were clearing up from allergies. I wouldn’t say the effects lasted long after I walked out the door, but it was a nice hour of relaxation. As you can tell in the picture below, I was laying all the way back in my lounge chair snuggled under a blanket. There was nature classical music on and a water fountain trickling near by. Serenity at its best.

Whether you want to try something new or have a relaxing afternoon, I would recommend trying out a salt spa at least once. For my coworker, it ended up being a great place for a short snooze.

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