It’s Garden Season!

I can’t tell you how excited I am that it is time to put in your garden! We’ve tilled our little garden and put in some potatoes. I did something new for my potatoes this year. In February, I happened to notice I had my potatoes sitting inside my house too long without cooking them. They had sprouts so I cut off the sprouts with a little bit of potato still on them, and put them in a container with a little bit of water, sprout side up. By the time I put them in the ground last week, the sprouts had added some roots and a couple even started growing a plant.

The plant in the front is the potato plant that started from my pre-planting experiment.

I am also super excited to see my many varieties of lilies coming up, along with my azaleas, hostas, fig trees, blackberries, raspberries, and my weeping cherry tree.

I love spring and all the beauty that begins to come out. Happy Spring and Happy gardening everyone!!

1 thought on “It’s Garden Season!

  1. The new life in spring is so uplifting.

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