Royalty In Your House

Let’s face it, sometimes you just want to feel royal. Oh you don’t? Hmm, maybe it only happens to me. Okay Okay, its just when I want a fancy tea moment. I don’t walk around with a crown on my head. I finally decided to pop open the White tea with Rose and Pomegranate I bought from Buckingham Palace. I was waiting for a special occasion, but really who needs a special occasion to drink “royal” tea?!

I mean look at that picture. Morning sunlight, a beautiful Royal Vale tea cup (made in England) and…have you ever seen such a pretty tea bag wrapper? Doesn’t the feel of that just lift your spirits? Definitely lifts mine.

But then I start drinking the tea. About a month ago I found out its the pomegranate in tea taste that isn’t that great. It’s bitter. It does not have that beautiful sweet fruity taste you expect when you hear you are drinking a fruit flavor. The white tea and Rose petals do even out the taste a bit and I don’t usually use sugar, but I added a little to see if it enhanced the tea at all and it actually makes it taste really good.

Some times you just need a little sugar on top to create a blissful royal moment 🙂

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