Red, White, & Blue Green Tea

I should have saved this tea for July 4th, but patriotism comes any day! I actually mixed this tea before I tried out the Strawberry and blueberry Herbal tea, which may be why that one tastes better…I learned from my mistake. This wasn’t a big mistake but I figured out a fruit that doesn’t quite go with the others.

This tea consists of:

1/2 tsp green tea (should have probably only used 1/4)

1 1/2 tsp dried strawberries

1 tsp dried blueberries

1 tsp dried gala apples

Again I realized that I need to lighten up on the green tea, it stood out in not the best way. I also tasted the dried apples more than any other fruit.

Overall, green tea and apples aren’t that bad together, i was just missing the taste of the blueberries and strawberries. That’s why I gave them their own herbal tea. Trial and error has been the most fun part of this journey. I am loving it!

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