Raspberry Leaf Tea

Hi Everyone! Instead of trying to mix ingredients with the dried raspberry leaves, I decided to try a plain ole Raspberry leaf tea. I used about a teaspoon of dried raspberry leaves and combined it with hot water.

I have never had raspberry leaves as my “tea” ingredient so I wanted to know how it tasted. If you ask my coworkers they would tell you I said “I just can’t figure out the flavor! I don’t know how to describe it.” This is the best I can come up with: It is not bitter like plain green tea, but it is also not sweet. It seems more “earthy”. Not dirt and grass earth, but I suppose more herby. At first when sipping I got a mildly strong taste, that disappeared before I fully swallowed it. I didn’t think it was bad standing on its own, but I plan to see if I can mix in some other flavors to make it more enjoyable.

P.S. I love this tea infuser!! It floats 😀

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