Tea Witch Cafe, New Orleans

I recently was able to go to New Orleans for work and found this awesome tea cafe near where I was staying. The Tea Witch Cafe had a great vibe. You walk in to see a beautiful wood topped bar, where you order your tea and pastries.

The tea selection was great! They had funky names for the tea, such as Raven Stare, Widows Chai Tea, Ghost Blood, Waking Dragon, etc. The great thing about the tea menu was they list out every ingredient and what it’s good for (relaxing, reviving, etc). We choose to have the Widow Chai Tea, which the employee mixed together in store and brought over to us.

We were told let it seep for 15 minutes before drinking. It was delicious. To go with our delicious warm tea was a great ambiance of Game of Thrones, Harry Potter and guitar music (that the cafe employee lightly played in the background). I would definitely recommend the Tea Witch Cafe to anyone that enjoys good tea, a bit of nerdy but relaxing music, witches and lovely people.

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