Can tea bags start camp fires?

Over the weekend, my family and I went camping at Westmoreland State Park. Since I only have ten weeks left in my pregnancy I didn’t do my normal sleeping on the ground camping. We borrowed an air mattress for the tent and I spent one night in a camper. Which also means we had the luxury of a coffee maker and instant hot water for tea. But! That doesn’t mean we didn’t do any tea experiments.

I had read that you could use dried used tea bags to start kindling for the camp fire. I drank two bags of tea and left my tea bags out to dry to try it out. Well being the clean family we are, my sisters threw out the tea bags. No matter! I decided to try the experiment with unused tea bags.

Yes, the tea bags burned. No they did not start the kindling for the fire. The tea bags burned too quickly to get the kindling hot enough. I’m not sure if a used tea bag would have worked any better, but it’s something to try out.

But wait! That’s not all we tried! My Mom read that Doritos can act as kindling. Round two!

Surprisingly, the Doritos stayed on fire for a good 2-5 minutes. Being close enough to other kindling, the Doritos made the kindling hot enough to get the camp fire started. Wahla! If you are in a pinch and can spare some Doritos, you can start a fire with them.

Happy camping everyone!

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