Edinburgh Tea & Coffee Company

My supervisor recently went on vacation to Scotland and brought back some goodies for my coworkers and I. Among the Scottish biscuits, chocolates and cookies, she brought us four different teas from the Edinburgh Tea & Coffee Company to try. I couldn’t choose one, so I decided to have fun with all four, since I’ve never had them before. The different flavors are Scottish Breakfast, Heather, Thistle, and Whisky.

All four are black teas with slightly varying flavors. The Scottish Breakfast tea tastes about the same as English and Irish breakfast teas.  It may be a bit smoother than English and Irish and is always good with a dash of milk. Heather black tea had a hint of floral within the black tea flavor, but I only had one sip because it’s not clear if Heather is safe for pregnant woman to drink. The Thistle tea was similar to Scottish Breakfast with a small amount of bitterness while you are drinking and then smooth at the end.  This would be good with a little bit of milk also. Finally, the Whisky flavored tea (no alcohol included). Well…I took one sip and the baby flipped. Haha!  Out of the four flavors this one tasted the most different from the others.  It is still a black tea, but the barley flavor comes out.  It’s surprisingly smooth but has a more earthy flavor.

I definitely want to go to Scotland at some point, but for now, I’ll stick to these teas and watching my husband’s cat and Rory playing by the window 🙂

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