Clarity Coffee: Indian Head, MD

Last weekend I really wanted to go out to tea. But where I live there really aren’t any nice tea places nearby. I had recently (December 2018) heard of a coffee shop that opened not too far away. I am not a coffee drinker, but decided to look at Clarity Coffee’s website. It’s not too impressive. Just a website to let you know the year round offerings and that the shop exists. Since we saw tea, apple cider and options other than coffee, we decided to go.

The shop was small but had a homey feel. Not pictured is a back seating area that would be great for a bit of silence will working on a laptop or enjoying some time catching up with a friend. The staff were pleasant to deal with and willing to walk us through their different drink and food options. They currently have a fall drink menu out and more food options than I expected.

My husband decided to get a chicken salad wrap, which we were surprised to see came with delicious olives, and a spiced apple cider. I got a chai tea latte and a bacon cheese biscuit with an egg and melted cheese. We were so surprised how delicious everything was. Everything tasted above our expectations. The chai tea latte was as good or better than Starbucks and at least a dollar cheaper, the spiced apple cider was good and got me in the mood for fall, and the food was fresh and tasty. We definitely plan to go back and are happy we forced ourselves to get out and go to a local coffee shop.

2 thoughts on “Clarity Coffee: Indian Head, MD

  1. Good one, Erica. Where exactly in IH is Clarity?



    1. Beside the Black Box Theater before turning into Indian Head Avenue


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