Pregaming: Downton Abbey Edition

In the theaters right now is the Downton Abbey movie. Before this, there were six wonderful season that were heartwarming, frustrating, and full of wit. I had recently watched all the seasons with my husband. Considering how much of an anglophile I am, I can’t believe I had never seen Downton Abbey before.

As a belated Mothers and Fathers Day gift to my in-laws, we treated them to a “fancy” dinner at our house, followed by seeing the Downton Abbey movie in theaters.

I pulled out my China and silver for dinner to get us in the mood for seeing the Downton Abbey movie. The ambiance was lovely. To add to the occasion, I pulled out my Nonna-in-law’s lace tablecloth to make it even more special.

On the menu were “choose your own tea”, pastries, stir fry, salad, bread and fruit. Dinner went better than I expected. The food tasted good, company was great, and it was overall very relaxing. I think it put us all in a content and happy mood, allowing us to enjoy the movie with an extra feeling of British culture.

After dinner, we went to the movie theater, laid back in the comfy new couch theater seats and enjoyed another chapter in the Downton Abbey story.

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