Planning that Perfect Party

I have been lucky enough to be loved by many people and have been thrown four baby showers. All showers were wonderful, perfect, and I couldn’t be more thankful. The best part of them have been the people who have attended; my family, my husband’s family, church family, friends, and coworkers. We have been blessed more than I can describe. But what else makes these parties so special? Since you’ve already seen some pictures from my baby showers, I am going to use photos from my best friends shower.

1.) Know the person your throwing the party for’s favorite things. For my friend she loves giraffes and elephants, so the party host made giraffes the baby shower theme. For me there was Harry Potter, traveling, animals, and tea (of course).

2.) Know the guest of honor’s diet and desired foods. Does that person have allergies or food preferences? Is there a food theme you want to have? The person who threw my friend’s party went all out with giraffe decals on real dishes, tea, mimosas, and a tea food theme creating an elegant and beautiful display.

3.) Does the person the party is for enjoy playing games? My friend enjoys baby shower games and had a few, but I’m not a big fan. The picture above shows an alternative one a coworker made up. I loved it! I was able to learn what traditions from childhood stuck in the guest’s memory and can decide if I want to incorporate them into my little one’s life.

4.) Finally, how can you make this a more memorable experience for the guest of honor? When I got to my friend’s baby shower this painting did not have giraffe spots on it. The guests were instructed to use the ink pad and put their thumb and pinky prints on to create the giraffe’s spots. This was an awesome idea! Now she can hang it in her house and see a part of the people she loves in one piece of art.

One of my most memorable takeaways was a set of 8 photos in a large frame that had me, my husband and baby’s sonogram in the middle, on top was my parents and their parents, and on the bottom my husband’s parents and their parents. We’ve recently lost all but one of our grandparents, making this gift the perfect way for us to teach our baby about his great grandparents.

World tapestry map highlighting the family trip we will take in 2020.

To recap, know the person you are throwing the party for. Figure out how to make it special for them (not necessarily for you-the party host). Provide the guest of honor with a special takeaway for them to look back at this moment with love and wonderful memories. Finally, enjoy every moment and don’t stress out; it will be perfect. Good luck 🙂

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