Tea Desserts Around the World

Today I am off of work in observance of Yom Kippur. I thought this would be the best time to try the tea my boss brought back from Israel. Of course I cannot read the tea bag, but I can read it’s a classic tea that tastes like a smooth black tea. I can’t speak to exactly the types of dessert Israelis have with their tea, but my boss brought us back a variety of chocolates, cookies, and peanut butter cheeto looking things (I cant read the language haha).

For Holland, our family has enjoyed Stroopwafles, which you can see on top of my tea cup. When you place it on top of the hot tea it warms the caramel inside making a yummy treat.

Another of my coworkers recently went to Japan and brought us back a variety of unique flavored KitKats and Mochi. Mochi is a rice based dessert that is pounded into a paste. It didn’t particularly taste bad, but my husband and I had issues getting passed the strange texture.

Portugal is known for the tea flan, however we only tried a Madeira specialty cake during our visit.

Other top desserts to have with tea around the world include:

Turkey: Baklava

France: Creme Brulee

South America: Alfajores

Austria: Apfelstrudel

Germany: Black Forest Cake

Sicily: Cannoli

Morroco: M’hanncha

Hong Kong: Dan Tats

India: Gulab Jamun

Hungary: Kifli

South Sudan: Mandazi

Of course England is one of my favorites with scones and other delicious goodies. And finally there is the USA, where in my opinion, we enjoy almost every country around the world’s tea treats and add on anything from apple pie to brownies or anything else we have nearby. To me, all food eaten with tea counts as a tea dessert. You can have whatever you want, which makes tea and dessert a win win.

1 thought on “Tea Desserts Around the World

  1. You real turned this one well and brought it back home. Good job! Daddy Jim


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