Tea and Cruising

Are you afraid to go on a cruise because you are worried you won’t have your tea fix? Have no fear! The tea is there!

Okay, I am sure that’s not actually the reason you’ve held off on taking a cruise, but I am here to let you know they do have tea (and coffee) available. I have been on five cruises, on five different cruise lines, and they all had a variety of tea bags available at the buffet style restaurant; usually available 24/7.

Every cruise leaves an itinerary in your bedroom for the following day, so you can plan out what you want to do on the ship. There’s a variety of activities and shows to choose from, but I was surprised to see once or twice that they had afternoon tea available to attend. Sometimes as an extra fee and sometimes complimentary.

On the Disney Cruise Line, if you have a large group, it is also possible (but not guaranteed) to reserve and pay a fee to have your own private tea party catered by the ship’s staff. This is something you would have to call Disney Cruise Line well in advance to set up.

And finally, if you are not feeling social, you can always schedule a breakfast in bed that will bring you tea, coffee and food right to your door (usually for an extra fee and you should give a tip!).

If that doesn’t calm your worries about having a tea filled cruise, you can always ask for tea at your nightly sit down dinner. Happy cruising everyone!

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