Loose Leaf Tea Infusers

Hi Everyone! Recently my in-laws spotted a couple of loose leaf tea infusers at a yard sale, so I’ve decided to play with them.

Instead of placing these infusers over the top of your cup, they can be placed directly inside your tea pot or cup.

This one looks like a set of holey spoons that clamp together. You have to squeeze the straight metal rods down in order to open the infuser for the loose leaf tea. It clamps tight, but if you don’t want to worry about your loose tea coming out there are versions of this that have a latch on the front to keep it more secure.

I seem to like this tea infuser better. It holds more, can sit in the tea pot, and has a spring loaded push handle to easily open and shut the infuser. Both options are great for letting your loose leaf tea seep and expand to get a more natural flavor out of your tea.

Thanks to my in-laws for these fun new tea toys!

1 thought on “Loose Leaf Tea Infusers

  1. You are too kind…and a lot of fun.


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