Made By You

If you know me at all, you know I occasionally enjoy learning how to make a new craft. My mom and I lead a craft lesson several times a year at church, which is always fun and yields to the knowledge of how to make a new craft.

I like being able to use what I’ve made. Here are a few of things that I sometimes use while having tea. A week ago, we had a basket weaving craft at church, where mine ended up a bit too tight at the top. It is now a fake flower vase. In undergrad, I took a hand building clay class whiiiiiich I did okay in. As you can see, the dolphin pitcher and matching cup need a little work. But! There’s no holes and I am able to safely put liquid in both of them. Hello tea! Finally on the back left you can see a little bowl. In August, my best friend and I took a pottery wheel spinning class for the first time and were told to make 3 bowls. I’ll say this one is a miniature…but it’s perfect for placing my used tea bags while it’s waiting for another cup.

I love the stories behind most of the tea cups, pitchers, and other trinkets I have. However, learning a new craft with friends and family, being able to use them later on, and enjoying those memories are among my favorite while savoring tea.

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