12.4.2019: Countdown to Christmas – 21

Happy Wednesday and 3 weeks until Christmas! Today’s tea donation was given to me by my cousin, who shares my enjoyment of tea parties. For the first time I am trying a Lipton “Stressless” tea. The tea bag claims it will help me “Relax, rewind, then press play again”. The smell of the brewed tea alone can actually do this with natural essential oils and the flavor of cinnamon, chamomile and lavender.

I don’t usually like chamomile teas, but the one I wrote about two days ago and this one taste completely different and really good. The lavender and cinnamon evenly compliment the chamomile. I did notice a slight after taste of chamomile though.

My Vera Bradley double decker tea cup and pitcher is one of my cousin’s favorite in my tea cup selections.

This photo is one of the tea parties my cousin threw as a special occasion for her daughter. I love tea parties!! So much fun! Have a great hump day everyone! Get your self some “Stress less” tea and take a load off *wink*

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