12.11.2019: Countdown to Christmas – 14

14 Days until Christmas! Wahoo! Time to get some early baking in! Make some cookies and put them in the freezer perhaps?

Today’s tea is brought to you by my elementary school best friend. One of her favorite teas is an organic Chamomile with Lavender. This is the third Chamomile tea I’ve tried during this count down! Ya’ll seem to love it! And it may be slowly growing on me, I sure know the smell is 😊.

Other than this tea, Katie really enjoys the Royal Albert “Old Country Roses” China set. I don’t have that design, but I do have a cloth pattern that looks similar as a backdrop! My tea cup is made in Staffordshire England and is the Bluebell design. It is one of my favorites because it takes on a flower shape at the top and was given to me as my favor during my Bridal Shower.

Katie also loves baking. Recently shes been trying to raise money to adopt a lovely girl and little boy by selling her goodies at local stores in WV. Wishing her family success in this soon to be adoption!

Happy baking everyone!

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